What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a way to sell online, where the store serves as an intermediary between the suppliers (who hold the inventory), the sellers and the buyers. In this case, the seller is only responsible for promoting and selling but does not manage the inventory, packaging or shipping. What is the key to success? Have a well-defined niche, invest smartly in digital marketing, have effective communication channels with suppliers and customers and analyze data to make decisions focused on what your target audience demands.

Advantages of being drop-ship capable.

Browse All Drop Shipping Expert Skills

Drop Shipping Management

Hire a drop shipping expert to manage all operations of your online store. This individual will have extensive experience running drop shipping eCommerce stores.

Research Drop Ship Suppliers

Hire a drop shipping expert to research , analyze and then reach out to suppliers with drop shipping capabilities.

Create Drop Shipping Relationships

Hire a drop shipping expert that knows how to structure drop ship relationships with suppliers. Set up logistics, pricing, and customer related situations.

Manage Drop Shipping Inventory

Hire a drop shipping expert to communicate with suppliers regarding inventory levels so you never run out of stock.

Manage Drop Shipping Orders

Hire a drop shipping expert to manage orders as they come in. Have them send them to the correct supplier, get tracking, and keep the customer updated.

Scale Drop Shipping Operations

Hire a drop shipping expert to scale your store’s growth by adding more suppliers, listing more products, and keeping current products profitable.

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